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Genre - Geometric Art

Date - 13th August 2009
Subject -   Preview of Peter Hugo Mcclure's Cyber Exhibition entitled "Visions from Albion"
Author - (Our London Art Correspondent) Joseph Blogman (PhD)

I never tire of giving my candid opinion on matters of a cultural/artistic here we go...i have just been perusing the works of peter hugo mcclure in which Geometric Art would appear to be his abiding passion with pieces that have these strange foreign sounding titles i.e. "Kolam", "Mandala", "Axiom", "Nazca", "Navajo"...i mean who needs this kind of stuff and what in the hell are the following: "Squaring the Square", "Cellular Structure", "Transmutation", "Permutations", "Interface", "Double Helix", "Puzzle No. 2"...they just go on & on and just too cerebral for lovers of fine art...all this Geometric Art makes my head's not Cricket and very unfair to unfurl this stuff on innocent's too demanding...too contrived...all that logical sequencing for what purpose.

Give me that Genius David Beckam any day...the man's is truly Iconic...the way he kicks that foot-ball...that's real art...Then there is Damien Hirst the words that emanate from his mouth are pure poetry that come straight from the heart...Then there's our beloved Tracey Emin with her "Unmade Bed" that is truly Iconoclastic and without doubt the most "cunning stunt" ever (excuse the Spoonerism) .

I can say with complete authority that there is no future in Geometric does not have the pulling power and lacks charisma...then there's the's just too square to be profitable so i will give the "thumbs down"...don't waste your time or your money!

Now when it comes to money i think that Sir Alan Sugar the Almighty should run the world as a corporate entity (and you just know he wouldn't take any prisoners) him "making money" is an art form which could qualify him to adopt the title of: "Artiste Etraordinaire"....and he could appoint Tracey Emin as the Cultural Tsar...

I mean how can Haikus (which mcclure dotes on) be classed as Poetry...with just 17's alright for kids but cannot be taken seriously and like Geometric Art would be a very bad investment... Saatchi & Saatchi are the true connoiseurs and the trend setters... Geometric Art is trash say so all of us! I would rather live with "pickled sheep" than with all those straight lines, circles, squares, triangles, overlays, symmetries, layers, divisions and so on ad infinituum..."Mr. Mcclure your fired!"

David Beckam should be appointed as our Intergalactic Cultural Ambassador so he can educate all those aliens out there...Damien Hirst could advise the Chancellor of the Exchequer on how to make money from "absolutely nothing" and Tracey Emin could advise the Government on job creation schemes for migrants willing "to make beds" would naturally follow that this country and the world (if it followed our example)would quickly get out of this God Awful mess of a recession.

When these Cultural Gurus are taken on board we can finally cast Geometric Art to the "dustbins-of-time" and have a great booze-up...just look at the following pictures...

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Geometric ArtGeometric ArtGeometric ArtGeometric ArtGeometric ArtGeometric ArtGeometric Art

What are you supposed to do with them?

And where is the Poetry in...                    Snowing pink blossom
                                                              Ravens grubbing for worms...
                                                              This wet May morning

I ask you what is the point?

This is Joseph Blogman  PhD (Plenty hidden Dosh) signing out this sunny day at 2:30 pm 13th Aug 2009.

WARNING... do not under any condition peep into Mcclure's web-site. 

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