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Original Paintings:
All tastefully box-framed in wood (to ease transportation)
Nos.1-15 (prefixed orig)

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Printed Canvas facsimiles:

Due to popular demand, these one off signed facsimiles have now sold out and will not be repeated

Signed & Unique to this Exhibition (all on sturdy stretchers & with-out frames)
Nos. 16-24 (prefixed fax)

The Facsimile printed canvasses are unique one offs (for this exhibition) that pass through my hands and signed & authenticated as such...unlimited prints of my work can be purchased from many third parties world-wide but do not go through my hands and there for not signed by me...i think i have made my point...a signed print by Hunder Wasser is worth tens of thousands of pounds and a signed print by Andy Warhole is worth millions...

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Grace your Home, Office, Factory, Restaurant, Gallery, Space Station, Yacht, Intergalactic Space-ship, Shed or what-ever with original Art Work from Mcclure’s Studio.

NB Online Sale of Art Work on the Internet will continue now the exhibition has finished

Sales will be dispatched within 3 working days & should be delivered within 1-2 weeks.  

Why pay loads of Dosh for Crappola when you can buy quality art at a fraction of the price...there’s a lot “out there” (ie The Whole World) for the discerning buyer!

Are Oak Trees more intelligent than Humans? If intelligence was a measure of truthfulness all plants would win hands down...have a nice day!

Postage and Returns

Price of Originals & Facsimiles includes P&P and basic insurance provided  by the post office and I am not VAT registered...there is a three day approval period and art work can be returned (subject to reasonable grounds...and not matching your three-piece suit would not be deemed reasonable) and there will be a full refund of monies in such an event both parties would lose cost of postage....there has to be a degree of mutual trust and hope that there are no mishaps with art work in transit (to date I have sent art-work to various countries around the word with no mishaps)...i want to assure any prospective buyer that their interest is my greatest concern.

Online sales will be limited to the EU & North America.

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