Upside down Christmas- Tokerau Beach

Tripping over a spiders web
The blind ballet dancer
Stares into the eye of the storm
And the sumo wrestlers are becalmed.

An upside down Christmas
Will again visit Tokerau Beach;
This bekoning Maori Paradise
At the bottom of the world.

A zen fisherman joins the fish
A cat climbs up the pole.
Big brother is’nt watching any more
And we have become his eyes.

The holiday season approaches
And there definitely will be no snow.
All will migrate to the beach
And the wings will loudly flap.

Jumping down and up on wet sand.
Giving, birth to a butterfly
And riding the whole ocean...
The illusive “Heyoka” medicine-man.

Niaga sdrow dniheb gnidih!

P.S. This poem should be read upside-down.