Aspiring Poets Beware

Donít write poems for the masses,
They will be dismissed as banal.

Donít write erudite poems,
You will be called Elitist.

Donít write humorous poems,
Comics are not true artists.

Donít write personal poems,
And avoid self indulgence.

Donít write tragic poems,
People donít want to cry.

Donít write short simple poems,
You will be labelled an Idiot.

Donít write long poems,
People will fall asleep.

Donít write rhyming poems,
That is very passe.

By randomly hitting a keyboard,
You may succeed as a modernist.

None-word poems are cool!
But beware of the straight-jacket.

Silence can be golden,
But still offends some.

In fact stop thinking and feeling,
And donít write poems at all.

Join the ďsociety of dead poets ď,
And save a lot of heart-ache.