Ode to a shed...In Lamorna

Should "The Shed" in the garden stay
Beneath the trees who's boughs do sway
And with the melodies of the birds convey
A message to all souls passing that way;

That beckons pilgrims to stop and pray
In a place blessed with a simple array
A refuge for the innocent of the day
Those untainted by demons that prey;

Upon those who're unable to betray
And who will never never shy away
From their duties to the lost and stray
And the vagabonds of night and day;

That few artists deign to portray
And Peers of the Realm far far-away
Not wanting to risk a nasty affray
Show no compassion...tis sad to say;

With the dawning of a bright new day
Let light be shed bringing forth an essai
Of Truths hidden and in disarray
And avoid a future of much dismay;

By being diligent and au fait
To what Ministers have to say
Of this Sacred little hide-away
Equity...will misfortune allay;

Let natural justice lead the way
To a fair and honourable display
into an Era of reform and fairplay
This is all I ask.. si'l vous plait.