From The Book...words slipped away
Words that comfort and allay...
All losses from the foray
Words that will never betray.

Words that will for-ever stay
In the hearts and minds far-away...
On the Pilgrim's long by-way
Guided by Truth's brightest ray.

Working for Love with-out pay
Amidst poverty and decay...
Steadfast They will never sway
Neither will misfortune flay.

They cannot just run away
From the violent affray...
This fracas...is here to stay
So to God they bow and pray.

Keeping vigil night and day
And in prostration They lay...
Words of Reason cannot convey
To those with hearts of fired clay.

Finally God's words did slay
All heathens that blocked the way...
To that well trodden path-way
That leads to a new-borne day.

In a clearing They did lay
Stones in a sacred array...
Where They did hommage pay

And in Harmony did stay.