And yet again…

Please take time to stop and stare
At the Art-Work before you there
Ruminate before you declare

True Icons…are very rare.
Mandarins of culture dare
Promote kitsch with full fan-fare

Produced for punters to share
We are Connnoisseurs…they swear!
This Mausoleum affair

With pomp opened by the Mayor
For soulless idols…a lair
And mecca of great despair.

Beneath the canopies glare
Art’s traded…we’re all aware
Just like any common ware

So Iconoclasts…prepare!
Let honest people declare
With one heart…make a prayer

And with one voice cry…Beware
Of the Emperor’s Clothes…laid bare.
Another disappointing exhibition…


Peter Hugo Mcclure/ July 07. Cornwall, U.K.