Locking devices made by men.
The free soul has no need of them;
Unconcerned with the corporeal
And having no treasures to steal.

Only the rich require such a thing;
Secure with their possessions they cling.
The keys to hearts and minds are best
More worthy than those to the treasure chest.

Keys temporal, open terrestrial doors;
That the non-material being abhors.
See Armageddon, for long on hold,
When from Pandora's Box truths unfold.

Arthurian knights trepanned and free
By use of a metaphysical key.
The doors to perception open wide
And the foes to truth are unable to hide.

The keys to the heart so divine,
Like architects unlock Truths sublime.
A keys bejewelled and very ornate
Opens the heart of one so sedate.

The keys to a prison, an inmate frees
And once outside quickly flees.
The Hovel has no need of thee,
Poverty creates its own security.

In God's true temple, keys they haven't
And is open to all with good intent.
There is no need of them
In the land of Elysium.