Perfect Timing

Sitting on the beach, sun shining
Contemplating the world's realigning;
Driven by economies declining
With corrupt politician's resigning.

Resurrected religions start redeeming
To the sound of temple bells chiming;
With the disenfranchised rightfully claiming
And despotic leaders still reigning.

With countries fortunes waning
And obsessive gamblers demeaning
A proud country's natural leaning;
Unaware of the the unscrupulous feigning.

The terrorists with bombs and priming
Try to force a new treaty's signing
But the powers that be resist deigning
To the amorphous masses whining.

Venus in her boudoir is still reclining
And the dowser for gold divining.
The glutton to succulent dished dining
And the hedonist for pleasures pining.

With no hope of an equitable assigning
In calm repose and perfect timing
Knowing even dark clouds have a silver lining,
I flee this beach, as it's now raining.