Please Be Kind

In the deep recesses of your mind
See that which humanity does bind.
Be enthralled by the joy you find
When all fears are left behind.

To all you meet (of all faiths) be kind;
And with the grace of god be assigned
A vocation by love defined;
To serve forever human-kind.

Help the heavily burdened unwind
And become to other souls entwined.
Let prejudice forever be confined
And be sympathetic to the maligned.

Pure competition is cruelly blind
Co-operation is gentler and refined.
Giving hope to those left far behind
And harmony to those aligned.

A jewel more precious than those mined;
"The inner-being" a rare find.
The diadem of light has always shined
On the innocent and pure in mind.

As peoples become realigned
By dramatic changes to them assigned;
May the laws of compassion be defined
And in perpetuity enshrined.